Product Details


1.Streaming rear view mirror with linux system,9.66 inch QLED screen.

2.Built-in BSD system, when other car is running from left behind or right behind side closing to the car, our streaming ai mirror will warn in RED color and sound alarm, remind and help driving more safety.

3.Support wireless CarPlay&Android Auto&HiCar.Well enjoy online navigation map,voice assistant and other Apps from phone.

4.Built-in BT 5.0 and Dual Wi-Fi

5.Support split screen function.

6.Dual cameras recording: front camera with 4K(2560*1440 pixel), rear camera with 2K(1920*1080 pixel)

7.Adopted Sony 307 chipset and glass lens HD camera,can display a very clear image both at night and in day time.

8.Support HDR function,high dynamic range processing tech which can automatically adjust the exposure balance,enabling the camera to capture a high definition images.

9.The camera supports a super night version function,it can display very clear images and videos even in dark night.

10.Latest Format-free storage tech,loop recording will not cause fragmented files,and there is no need to regularly format the card to ensure stable recording without frame loss.

11.Built-in AI reversiing algorithm,when the car is reversing,if the obstacles behind the car move,our device will recognize and give a special red prompt.

Streaming Rear View Mirror with CarPlay Android Auto BSD System for Tesla Car

Linux system,9.66 inch QLED screen,Built-in BSD system,

With CarPlay&Android Auto&HiCar