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The Sales Of Porsche Cayenne is The Tops Of Porsche Car Sales List in 2020

The global sales of Porsche in 2020 is very good,better than other cars.


From the data in 2020, Porsche's global delivery volume is very stable. A total of 272,162 new cars have been delivered, which is only 3% lower than in 2019. The delivery volume in 2019 reached a record 280,800 vehicles.


Only in the United States, Porsche delivered 57,294 new cars in 2020, a decrease of only 6.9% from 2019.


Porsche 911 is still outstanding,delivered a total of 34,328 vehicles, The sales of the Porsche Cayenne topped the list with 92,860 vehicles, an increase of 1% over 2019.


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