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Newest Products--Streaming Media System For Carplay Box

Compatible Car Brand:

CP-31:Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Buick, Chevrolet,Toyota,Honda,Nissan,ect.

CP-91:Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Aud, Volvo,Cadillac

Connection:Via CarPlay@ (USB Port) connect to factory head unit


System:Android 9.0

Support screen resolution:800*480、1280*720,1920*1080 (Auto-Detect)

Connection protocol:Factory Car USB port

Touch konb control:Support left and right rotation, toggle knob logic up and down, left and right, quick operation protocol

Strerring wheel control:Support audio playback, switch up and down track control, adjust volume, and control OSD operation. Control CP box to carplay@ voice logic

UI:Built-in multiple UI themes; support customization

Function installed:Wi-Fi , Settings, Bluetooth, Google Maps, Offline Maps, USB Drive for media, Screen Casting, File Explorer, Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Play Store (Any apps avaliable in Google Play Store)

Other apps:The third-party application does not support the factory car knob control. After entering the application, it supports analog mouse (hovering ball) for application control.

Main Functions:

Wi-Fi Network:

----Connect the Carplay Box to Wi-Fi Hotspot

---1. If the vehicle has touch screen, connect any hotspot show on the device , then enter Wi-Fi password to connect;

2. If the vehicle is non-touch screen, suggest the user revise the Hot Spot password to 12345678 first, then connect CP box to hotspot for auto connection

Input:Google Input

USB Drive Media:

---Support mp4、MKV,RMVB,AVI format

---Support WAV、AAC、WMA、AMR、MP3、FLAC aduio format

Cast Screen (Android):Support wireless mirroring of Iphone, Support wireless mirroring of mainstream Android mobile phones

Screen Mirroring (iOS):Supports iOS YouTube cast screen and Android/iOS mobile devices

APP Installation:User installation freely


View help---Scan the code to view the tutorial, support all applications to scan the QR code to enter (FAQ description-English content)

General settings---Clear cache

Language settings---Default English

Version upgrade---By USB

Reset---Can be restored to the factory system

Factory mode---Controllable application icon: Google Play (user-installed software supports deletion)

Bluetooth:Make/Answer calls,Music

Other APP:Google Map,Google Play Store,YouTube,Browser,Google Assistant

Note: Factory knob support depends on the third-party software. Some APPS may not be supported.



1.Why use CarPlay channel instead of Android auto channel to transfer Android system?

---Carplay should be more extensive;

---The audio quality through the CarPlay channel is comparable to that of the CD, and it can be directly input through the USB channel, which is very convenient;

---The video processing method of the Carplay channel is more clear, especially like Mercedes-Benz,Porsche,Audi,the screen is already very large, the resolution is particularly high, and the video display through the Carplay channel is as clear as the original car.

2.How about the original carplay?Can it still be used?

---Connection method is via original Carplay,if you would like to use original carplay,just remove this streaming media carplay box,then can use original carplay.

3.Which system is it?

---It is Android 9.0 system.

4.What about the installation method?Is it difficult?

---Installation is very easy.Plug-in-play.just connect with original USB.then can enter into android system via original Carplay icon.

5.Can it be connected with external USB?

---Of course,there is the USB port,supports 128G U disk, and can read lossless music and high-definition video.

6.Which kind of car model is suitable, is it supported by all car models that support Carplay?

---Not all car models with Carplay are supported. In currently,we can support the models in our list. If need be supported the other cars,we also can help the agent to develop.

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