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Mercedes-Benz Four-screen Linkage Announcement

Development background:

The rear pillow entertainment screen has a history of 18 years in our car and machine industry, from the earliest 7 inches, 8 inches, 9, 10, 11.6, to today's 13.3 inches. All of them are simple entertainment products. No factory can use the rear entertainment screen to control the equipment of the whole car. At present, only the rear pillow entertainment screen of Mercedes-Benz’s front-mounted original car can achieve four-screen linkage, even if the original factory It also lacks some entertainment functions. For example, the original rear entertainment screen only realizes control, no entertainment functions, and the price is high. The current price of a pair of original rear row is about 20,000, and the price of the rear armrest control screen is about 1.2 thousand. Due to the large investment and high technical threshold, no one in this line currently does it. Seeing this opportunity, Dezhong Shangjie invested a huge amount of money to develop this set of four-screen linkage products, truly realizing the luxury of high-end cars and creating a precedent for the industry.

At the beginning of the design of this product, we need to consider going beyond the original factory: appearance design, UI design, function design, user experience and other comprehensive consideration:

1. Adopting Android system, 8-core 4+64G memory, with luxurious 4G network configuration, users can surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to music and install APPs to bring customers a perfect experience

2. 2.5D full paste full process, using 13.3-inch high-resolution 1920*1080-QLED LCD display, wonderfully presents complete picture quality;

3. The shape design adopts aluminum alloy mold, laser laser engraving bright edge, fast heat dissipation, showing high-end;

4. The UI maintains the elements of Mercedes-Benz, and the overall installation is a natural fit with the original car;

5. Four-screen interaction can control the original car: multimedia, volume, air conditioner, seat, sunroof, ambient light, etc., built-in 4G function, USB interface, TF interface, to achieve more entertainment function.

Model NO:V316

Applicable models: GLE/GLS 2020-2023,V260 2019-2023,E 2018-2023,S/2020-2023,Glc 2020-2023

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